Frequently Asked Questions

What's behind the name/brand?

Named after Maine’s state flower, the pinecone and tassel, P&T reflects our love of this unique and beautiful place.  Less a state, Maine is more a state of mind - one that values natural beauty, kept promises, and simple pleasures.  This is what serves to inspire us at Pine & Tassel.

All of our products are made regularly and completely by hand to ensure quality and give your skin a truly personal touch.  We do this out of both love of our products and your skin.  From our hands and hearts to your face - to Pine & Tassel this is what being from Maine is all about.

How does Pine & Tassel work?

Pine & Tassel products are designed to maximize the benefits to your skin using as few natural ingredients as possible...and as little product, too!  The few, carefully selected ingredients in all of Pine & Tassel’s products are designed to work well together in harmony to produce simply awesome looking skin.  There are no extraneous ingredients here.  Nothing harsh or artificial either.  Simply the best combination of natural ingredients we could find - to really work.  Compare Pine & Tassel's ingredients list to its competitors and you will definitely notice a difference.  And never, ever are Pine & Tassel products tested on animals.

Why the small bottles?

Pine & Tassel products are simple and natural as well as effective and concentrated.  The mantra for our products is that a little bit of P&T goes a long way for your face.  Also, our bottles are designed to minimize product waste and extend the life of your products. Although all faces are differently shaped and sized, our products are made to last for a month (or longer) depending on usage.  Plus, P&T products are always travel ready-to-go.

Why do I need Pine & Tassel?

Our skin, like us, is different every day. With change comes stress and with stress comes impact.  These impacts manifest themselves in blemishes, tired, tight skin, puffy eyes, and an unbalanced appearance.  Pine & Tassel works to combat these impacts of of life by dramatically improving both the look and feel of your skin.  And who of us wouldn't like a little extra help in this department?

What are the ingredients in Pine & Tassel?

Please see our list of all natural ingredients.

Are Pine & Tassel ingredients all-natural?

All of our products are approximately 99% natural.  Pine & Tassel uses only natural ingredients in all of our products. However, each of our products also contain water, which requires the use of preservatives to keep you and your skin safe from potentially bad actors such as bacteria, fungus, and mold. To date, there are no naturally-based preservatives available that fully meet standard industry criteria for safe skin.

This said, we do use small amounts of the following synthetic preservatives in our products, each of which are approved by Whole Foods’ rigorous premium body care standards: phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, and sorbic acid.* These are the only non-naturally sourced ingredients in all of our products. These are used only in the smallest amounts possible to ensure product safety for you, in total amounting to no more than 1.5% of our total product volume.

We are continuously exploring and testing emerging natural preservative combinations. As a result, it is both our hope and plan to phase out our use of non-natural preservatives as more commercially viable natural products for preservation are brought to market. However, you and your skin’s safety are our most important priorities. We will not compromise your health or safety in any way regarding the way we make or resell our products. Ever. It’s our brand promise to keep you and your skin looking awesome today and every day!

*NOTE: As of November 22nd, 2018 Pine & Tassel has discontinued the use of preservatives containing parabens, organic halogens, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde donors. Products produced before this date contain the following ingredients: propylene glycol, odopropynyl butylcarbamate, and diazolidinyl urea (which is considered a formaldehyde donor). These ingredients, although well-working, are incongruous to our core mission and product goals. As a result, these ingredients are no longer a part of our product formulations.

Vegetarian? Vegan? Organic?

Vegetarian YES. Vegan YES.  Organic, not YET.  But we are actively working on it. 

Please know, we are working every day to make our products not just 100% natural, but completely organic as well.  We aspire to build a model of ingredient sourcing and small-batch manufacturing, which focuses on local organics, aimed at producing both positive environmental and social benefits. 

We have a long-term game plan in mind people!  We just need to start where we are budget-wise and build as we grow.  Keep following us to check our 100% transparent process of transformation.

Tested on Animals?

Neither our products nor source ingredients were ever or will ever be tested on animals. Ever. Period.

Is Pine & Tassel packaging recycled? 

All of our shipping materials are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials.  Experience the difference eco-packing makes with your next order!

However, our product packaging is not made from recycled materials currently.  But, we are actively working on it.  It’s something we have on the P&T company roadmap.

 Are Pine & Tassel ingredients sourced from Maine?

Currently, the distilled spring water used in all of our products is sourced from Maine.  Our jojoba oil used in our Eye Roll product is also sourced from Maine.  Apple cider vinegar and witch hazel are next on the list.  We are working to eventually source as many of our ingredients from Maine as possible.  It’s an active part of P&T’s future plans, foshizzle. 

Where can I buy Pine & Tassel?

You can purchase Pine & Tassel directly from our e-storefront.
It’s right here y’all -->  P&T is also available at fine retailers across the Northeast.  Store locator coming soon!

Can I order Pine & Tassel so that it arrives to me on a regular basis?

Yes, indeed.  We offer simple, flexible subscription services to make your life easier.  With special perks!  Manage your subscription as you see fit.  No gimmicks.  Just value and convenience. 

Need more product?  Just let us know.  Need less product?  Just let us know.  If you need anything just let us know.

Are there other Pine & Tassel products?

The Pine & Tassel product family began with our flagship product, Maine One - Washless Cleanser and Toner.  Its current siblings, Eye Roll and Blemish Bomb, followed a few years after Maine One was born.

More P&T family members are on the way.  Each created with the same love and care as our current family.  All thoughtfully designed with you in mind.  All Faces Welcome!