Most commercial skincare products are made with long lists of unpronounceable ingredients.

Pine & Tassel combines only the simplest of botanical ingredients that are proven to be effective and efficient at revealing your skin’s own natural glow. Just how nature intended. Our list of unpronounceable ingredients, thankfully as a result, are very few.*

Here is the list of ingredients used in Pine & Tassel’s family of products. All real. All natural. All pronounceable.*

Distilled Water - Our water comes from natural Maine sources and is some of the best on the planet--we only want the best for you.

Jojoba Oil- Derived from seeds of a the domestic desert shrub native to the Southwest US and Mexico, jojoba oil closely emulates our faces own natural oils, maintaining moisture without clogging pores, while helping reduce lines and puffiness.

Vegetable Glycerin - Vegetable glycerin gently cleans, smooths, and rejuvenates the skin, providing needed moisture without making the skin feel oily.  It also helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Apple Cider Vinegar - This natural wunderkind balances the skin's natural pH and helps maintain a radiant, consistent complexion while cleansing, toning and invigorating the skin.  We use apple cider vinegar with its natural amino acids in tact, known as "with the mother".  And mother knows best.

Witch Hazel Extract - A very good witch for sure, she is derived from the North American shrub, an all natural way to both clean and tone the skin.

White Tea Extract - Made from very young tea buds, this ingredient helps reduce the visible signs of aging and helps protect the skin from damage.

Cucumber Extract - An all natural way to keep your skin soft, soothed and cool as a - (well you know what...).

Soy-Rice Peptides - The combined duo of rice bran and wild soya proteins along with yeast enzymes (known as oxidoreductases) creates a natural powerhouse in reducing the appearance of dark circles & puffiness around the eyes.  And who doesn't need some help with that? 

Beta Glucan - This combination of natural sugars (known as polysaccharides), derived from mushrooms, moisturizes the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while soothing the skin. Also helps rejuvenate the skin to reduce overall visible signs of aging and skin inflammation.

Lavender Oil - From the flowering perennial beauty, lavender has been a traditional skin cleansing ingredient for centuries.  The Latin name of lavender is Lavare, which means “to wash”, due to its particularly clean and soothing aroma. 

Grapefruit Seed Extract - Derived from seeds of grapefruits, this ingredient is used as a natural preservative and helps reduce skin inflammation.

* A note about preservatives.

All of our products are approximately 99% natural. Because all of our products contain water, however, they require the use of preservatives to keep you and your skin safe from potentially bad actors such as bacteria, fungus, and mold. To date, there are no naturally-based preservatives available that fully meet standard industry criteria for safe skin.

This said, we do use small amounts of the following synthetic preservatives in our products, each of which are approved by Whole Foods’ rigorous premium body care standards: phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, and sorbic acid. These are the only non-naturally sourced ingredients in all of our products. These are used only in the smallest amounts possible to ensure product safety for you, in total amounting to no more than 1.5% of our total product volume.