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Life Happens.

And when it does, it takes a toll on your skin. Daily stressors mask your inner glow with dull complexions, puffy eyes, and inflamed breakouts.

Who are we? We are Pine & Tassel and we’re to the rescue.

Dave, the founder of Pine & Tassel, created a skincare line that is natural, ultra-effective, and hyper-simple. P&T’s micro-crafted trilogy of products are designed with the “collective you” in mind. We aren’t kidding when we say,

All Faces Welcome.

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Pine & Tassel was born and raised in Maine, a place of natural beauty, simple pleasures, and kept promises. We promise to embody the spirit of this wonderfully unique place and offer a naturally effective and hassle-free way to care for your skin. 

Stop wasting time and money on a bevy of products that are full of chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients. P&T simplifies skincare so you can get back to life without breaking the bank. With your best face forward, of course.


Our Story

Dave was getting married.

As excited as he was, the stress of planning upcoming nuptials had his skin in freak out mode..and that’s not a phase that needs to be documented through wedding photos.

He had two choices:

A) Cancel the Wedding

B) Fix the Skin

Spoiler Alert: Dave is married.
Happily. And his skin looks great.

Watch Dave talk about how Pine & Tassel came to be.


Maine One

Washless cleanser & toner

One Step. One Minute. Multiple Benefits. Maine One is a naturally simple & effective blend to nourish, balance, and tone all skin types. Yes, yours too.


Cleanse/Makeup removal - use in place of soap. Dab onto an organic cotton ball or onto clean hands and swipe away the daily grind.

Toner - kick your current one to the curb. Maine One is a cleanser and toner all in one step.

Mid-day / Late-day freshen up.  It’s like a pep talk for your face. 

Pre-shave treatment (face and body)


Blemish Bomb

Concentrated acne formula

Say buh-bye to whatever pops up. Blemish Bomb is our super-concentrated formula to naturally and gently zap the zits.  Because nobody likes uninvited guests.


Blemishes are no match for da bomb. Use to treat:

Acne, pimples, blemishes

Razor burn

Ingrown hairs


Eye Roll

Effective yet gentle formula for the sensitive eye area

Reduces fine lines?  Soothes puffiness?  Eye, eye Captain! Your eyes are the windows to your soul...the skin around them just needs some redecorating.      


Under eye treatment--soothe those eye bags, dark circles and puffiness

Wrinkle and fine line treatment for eye area, face, neck, lips, hands, etc.

Hyper-moisturizer--for anywhere super-concentrated moisture is needed